Technology Philosophy

Appropriate and adept use of technology supports the development of flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. All of these are essential to success in our rapidly changing world and imperative to mesh with the vision of The Lee County School District to be a world-class school system.

Technology Vision

Eliminating the digital divide is essential to our students’ success in our rapidly changing world. Every student should have the opportunity for digital citizenship and digital literacy which is required in today’s world.

Spring Creek Elementary has two fully equipped technology labs and two mobile lab laptop carts. Each classroom is equipped on average with five computers exclusively for student use. Classrooms also have multimedia presentation stations with interactive white boards, document cameras, LCD projectors, sound systems and interactive response systems. Other classrooms are appropriately equipped with assistive technology as needed.

District Technology Information

The School District of Lee County operates one of the largest and most robust instructional technology networks in the nation, with more than 70,000 computers and mobile devices in use daily.

The Information Technology Support Department manages the District's technology infrastructure and provides engineering, support, and project management services to Lee County schools and administrative departments.  We support a variety of technology solutions from industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cisco, Aerohive, Toshiba, NetApp, Dell and Lenovo.

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